Our Logo

The Platform is represented by the logo which symbolises our main effort, that is ensuring sustainable peace in a world divided and torn apart by rising extremism, hate propaganda, armed conflicts and violations of human rights on a daily basis. To counter such a rising wave of injustice we resort to international laws so we can become the voices of the voiceless in order to help those in need.​

The logo was designed in 2017 by an artist who fled due to persecution from Egypt during the Arab Spring events. That artist applied for international protection in Europe and was successfully represented in the legal proceedings by one of the Platform’s founders. As a sign of gratitude he designed for the Platform the logo. We believe there is a great symbolism behind this logo as it was drawn by a refugee seeking peace in this world. This logo will always remind us, the Platform members, that sustainable peace can be achieved only by supporting the voices of the voiceless.  May our efforts contribute to peace by means of international justice!