Alicia Cristina Gallardo Barrera

Researcher, The Mediterranean Region Programme

Alicia Cristina Gallardo Barrera joined Platform For Peace and Humanity in April, 2022. has done legal research, and has contributed to give analysis in diverse situations occurred in the Mediterranean region

Experience in Research Reports for Release UK, Museum of impact, Mosqoy, the Organization of American States [OAS] and the Ministry of ForeignAffairs of Peru, and diverse international NGOs. Professional work experience at national and international levels in programming, monitoring and evaluation. Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment, Good analytical, negotiating, communication and advocacy skills.


  • International Law
  • International Conflict and Negotiation
  • ImmigrationPolicies
  • PoliticalScience
  • Women’sRights
  • Europe
  • MediterraneanRegion
  • LatinAmerica
  • Middle East
  • South Asia
  • English
  • Spanish