Aparimita Pandey

Weekly News Recap Editor

Aparimita joined Platform for Peace and Humanity in October 2021. She has been contributing to the organisation’s aim of raising awareness by working as a Weekly News Recap writer for the International Justice Section wherein she provides a brief summary of the latest judgments and trials relating to war crimes, crimes against humanity and international trials. In 2023, she has become the editor of Weekly News Recap.

Aparimita graduated in the year 2022 and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law (B.A. LL.B.) degree from Banasthali Vidyapith, India. Her professional experiences and learnings are inclined towards different subject matters which include but are not limited to issues concerning Human Rights, Criminology and Victimology, International Relations, Operational Challenges of NGOs for Enforcement of Human Rights, Cyber Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. She has previously contributed to NGOs working for women’s rights and has interned with several organisations and lawyers as a legal researcher.

  • International Humanitarian Law

  • Criminology and Victimology

  • Legal Journalism

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Human Rights Law

  • Public International Law

  • War Crimes and Armed Conflict

  • South Asia

  • Europe

  • The Middle East

  • Hindi

  • English