Carolina Muzzillo


Carolina Muzzillo joined the South East Europe and Black Sea Region Programme in 2023.

Carolina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and two Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe and in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe. Since 2018 she has lived, studied and worked in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, specializing in the study of the post-Yugoslav space, with a focus on ethnonationalism and identity building through diaspora and citizenship practices and kin-state relations.


She has previously worked in NGOs, research centers and at the OSCE office of the High Commissioner of National Minorities, focusing on migration issues, violent and illegal pushbacks, national minorities, interethnic relations and conflict prevention in South East Europe.



  • Nationalism
  • National Minorities
  • Kin-state relations and citizenship practices
  • National identities
  • Diaspora and migration
  • Human Rights
  • South East Europe
  • Central Eastern Europe
  • English
  • Italian
  • Serbo-Croatian