Peace and Security Monitor: Challenges in The Mediterranean region
Issue 5, January 2022

Issue 5: January 2022

Table of contents




  • Israel & Palestine: The 2015 Gideon Plan and its Evolution to the 2019 Tnufa Plan
  • Diversify or Perish: Turkey’s 2022 Agenda in the Middle East
  • Strategic Compass: Finding a Way Towards a More Effective MENA Policy
  • The Role of The Jewish Community in Moroccan Foreign Policy
  • Egyptian-Russian Relations and the Russian Influence on Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics



  • Israel & Palestine – Palestine Postponed: The Lost Election
  • Turkey
  • Tunisia – Continuing Turmoil: A Tale Reoccurring Since Arab Spring Till 2022
  • Egypt – Security Stability and its Impact on the Emergency Law
  • Maltese-Libyan Relations: Two Nations United by the Mediterranean