Peace and Security Monitor: Challenges in The Mediterranean region
Issue 6, March 2022

Issue 6: March 2022

Table of contents



  • A New Iranian Nuclear Deal from the Israeli Perspective
  • Tunisian Women’s Rights
  • The Russian Repercussion: The Ripples of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict in MENA
  • Politics in Algeria: How Colonisation and Independence Marked Algeria’s Political Structure
  • From Arab Spring To Humanitarian Crisis: A Tale of Syria



  • Israel as a Mediator in the Russo-Ukrainian War
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • ‘Suicide’ Death of ISIS Leader – The Man Who Led the Yazidi Genocide
  • Tunisia: An End to the Final Democracy of the Arab Spring?
  • Ethnic Diversity in Post-Gaddafi Libyan Politics
  • Egypt
  • Tracking the Progress Made on Developing National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security