Peace and Security Monitor: Challenges in The Mediterranean region
Issue 9, October 2022

Issue 9: October 2022


Table of contents


  • Religion and International Relations – Religion Promoting Peace, the Example of the Samaritans
  • The Alawite Identity and its Influence on Syrian Politics
  • Climate Security in the Context of Egypt
  • Rights of Children in Israel – Occupied Palestinian Territories Under International Humanitarian Law: Gaza Assault 2022



  • Spiral into the Abyss: Can Humanitarian Aid Prevent Catastrophe in Lebanon?
  • Syria Situation Report: The Big Power Scramble
  • A Stalled Democratic Transition: Tunisia’s Future Amid the New Presidency
  • Aspirations and Challenges to the Run-Up of Egypt’s COP27 Presidency
  • The Energy Crisis Continues to Loom Large Over France
  • Killing of the Most Wanted Doctor by the United States of America: Implication for Al-Qaeda & Affiliated Regions
  • Violations of International Human Rights Law, and the Syrian Regime