Ida Schumann

Researcher, South East Europe and Black Sea region

Ida joined the SEE/BSR Programme in August, 2022. Ida currently writes about identity politics in the Balkans.

I’m educated in international relations with a specialization in global visual politics applied to security-related issues and make others feel more comfortable in the presence of words as a certified systemic rhetoric trainer.

If we were to move someplace else (physically or mentally), would we remember the visions and truths we claim to be ours, contradict them, or begin living a life in-between ideas, times, and cultures?This wondering has always inspired my research.

In global teams, together, we researched, monitored, and reported on hate-motivated incidents and discrimination of youth before and during the Syrian civil war (2011-2012),and, childrenliving with catastrophic disorders in Ecuador (2020-2021). We opened firstconversations on how sexualhealth ed fits into indigenous communities in India, deeply analyzedstructural discrimination in theUAE in preparation for UN investment cases, and reviewed governments’ progress towards the delivery of SDGs in the Decade of Action (2020).

• A Rare Story: What the Balkans Unite & What Europe Divides (forthcoming 10/22)

  • European security cooperation
  • Dialogue facilitation, mediation, and negotiation
  • Identity politics: othering and belonging
  • Dealing with the past in post-war contexts
  • Politics and art

South East Europe and Black Sea Region

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Serbian