Ilker Kalin

Researcher, South East Europe and Black Sea Region

Ilker Kalin joined the Peace and Security Monitor as a researcher in December, 2021. He has so far written a blog post on the threats to democracy in Hungary and contributed to the 2nd issue of the Peace & Security Monitor with an article on Turkish-made Drones in Ukraine.

Ilker Kalin, PhD, is currently an independent scholar and human rights advocate based in Turkey. He received his PhD in Political Science (majoring in IR) from Wayne State University in 2018.

His research focuses on the topics of nonviolent action, civil conflicts, state repression, and civil society. He is currently developing a new research agenda that looks into the roles of women’s and LGBTI+ organizations in collective nonviolent dissent.

He has so far published a peer-reviewed article on the roles of external actors in the dynamics of nonviolent conflicts at Conflict Management and Peace Science, and a policy brief on academic freedom in Turkey at Freedom House, among others.

His research is motivated to explore ways to strengthen civil society networks in the Global South and to contribute to the outcomes of movements demanding justice, freedom, and human rights, by improving scholarly work and providing policy recommendations.



  • Civil Society
  • Nonviolent Action
  • State Repression
  • Democracy
  • Human Rights
  • Southeast Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Turkish (Native)
  • English (Proficient)