James Ekin

Researcher, South East Europe and The Black Sea Region

James Ekin joined Platform for Peace and Humanity in August 2022, as a Researcher on South East Europe and The Black Sea Region. So far with The Platform for Peace and Humanity James has contributed to the Monitor on Montenegro’s sanctions against Russia.

James has a wealth of experience in atrocity prevention. He has interned at the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute and Executive Director’s Office; working on Atrocities across the world including in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and South Sudan.

He is currently completing his master’s thesis in International Law and Politics at Keele University with a specialism in The Responsibility to Protect Doctrine and its failures. James is also Director of Communications for Sri Lankan Youth Overseas and writes for JURIST International Legal News and was instrumental in the set-up of its UK arm. Alongside this James has joined the Ukrainian Bar Association Organizational Committee for their events in London and is an Executive Assistant at Azadi Charity. Continuing his work in Afghanistan James is setting up an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Genocide against the Hazaras in Afghanistan.

He is also training to be a Barrister.

  • Human rights, humanitarian law, international criminal law and public international law
  • The law on the use of force and the responsibility to protect
  • Statelessness and migration controversies, especially in relation to conflicts 
  • International Law
  • International Conflict and Negotiation
  • PoliticalScience
  • Human trafficking
  • Peace and conflict studies
  • International security
  • Geopolitics
  • Eastern Europe
  • Afghanistan
  • Global South – Africa and Asia
  • The Americas
  • English
  • Spanish