Nia Chigogidze


Nia joined the Platform for Peace and Humanity as a volunteer researcher in January 2022. She has contributed to several issues of the Peace and Security Monitor focused on the South East Europe & Black Sea region.

Nia has an academic and professional background in policy and public sector development. She holds a Bachelor of International Law from Tbilisi State University and an Erasmus Mundus Master of Since Degree in Public Sector Innovation and E-governance Governance from KU Leuven, University of Munster, and Tallinn University of Technology, where she graduated with honours and was awarded a merit scholarship.

Nia has experience working for the non-governmental and public sectors in Georgia and Belgium, among them in the Parliament of Georgia, where she worked on approximation of Georgia – EU legislation.

  • The Eastern Partnership (EaP) & EU neighborhood policy
  • Black Sea Region Security
  • Digitalization in the Public Sector
  • Evidence based policy making
  • South Caucasus
  • Black Sea Region
  • English
  • Russian
  • Georgian