Peace and Security Monitor: Challenges in The Mediterranean region
Issue 11, April 2023

Issue 11: April 2023


Table of contents


  • Libya, the Aftermath of the 2021 Elections
  • How Violations of Press Freedom Impedes Democracy in Algeria
  • Israel Nuclear Policy and the TPNW
  • Libya: Current State of the Right to Freedom of Expression, Speech and Association Amid Political Turmoil
  • The Threats to the Migrants in Libya and in the Journey Through the Mediterranean Sea
  • Current Election Atmosphere in Türkiye (Part 1)



  • The Protection of the Activists’ Human Rights During the COP27
  • Has Democracy Died in MENA?
  • Lebanon Today: Between Uncertainty & Inefficiency
  • The Israel-Palestine Relations in the Aftermath of the 2022 Knesset Elections
  • Jordan, a Land of Latent Tensions