Peter Chilvers

Senior Researcher, South East Europe and Black Sea Region

Peter joined the Platform for Peace and Humanity in 2021 and has contributed articles to the South East Europe & Black Sea region Peace and Security Monitor, including the Memory and Monuments special edition in April 2022. Peter has offered unique mission planning expertise and guidance to the Platform’s initiatives.

Peter is experienced in analysis, negotiation, planning and liaison with a strong governance, development and security management background in both Governmental and Private Sector. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations. His 20-year military background encompasses 5 years of working experience on the ground in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 5 years of working for the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine.

  • Conflict and Stabilisation
  • Human Security
  • The role of Transitional Justice
  • International Relations
  • Culture and Conflict
  • Western Balkans, particularly Bosnia Hercegovina
  • Georgia and Caucasus
  • Ukraine and FSU
  • Somalia and East Africa
  • English
  • Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian
  • Russian