Sharmarke Yusuf


Sharmarke received his Bachelor of Arts degree from East Africa University and his Master of Arts degree from Kampala International University. During his university years, he worked with youth organizations to promote youth empowerment, peace education and the culture of peace. Similarly while working for the Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention, he managed the Resource Center for Peace in Somalia, where he led a UN joint project ‘Youth at Risk’ to contain and prevent violent conflict by engaging youth at risk through social rehabilitation, training, the creation of employment and livelihood opportunities. Later on, he worked at the Youth Employment Program, a UN joint program to create a safe haven for vulnerable and marginalized young people. For almost 15 years, Sharmarke life’s work was to support Somalia’s peacebuilding and development efforts for a stable and democratic country. In that regard, he works a lot with adolescences, youth and community sectors to spread the culture of peace.

Sharmarke is a Rotary International Peace Fellow, currently engaging in a postgraduate degree in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformations at Makerere University, Rotary Peace Center. He is also a country director for TOC for Education, Inc., a not for profit foundation established in 1995 and a certified TOC facilitator.