João Victor Stuart


João Victor is a young Brazilian Lawyer who works as Advocacy Coordinator and Head researcher of the team of International Justice and Human Rights of Global Human Rights Defence, a Dutch-based- Human Rights NGO. His professional background encompasses over 5 years of experience in dealing with Human Rights and International Law issues both in Brazil and Internationally. He has experience in research litigation in favour of social and economic rights and refugee and migrants’ rights, and experience in investigation and legal representation of victims of torture and other inhumane treatment committed by police and prison agents against civilians. Regarding his research interests, João Victor is interested in how the rise of populists and nationalists movements during emergencies can negatively interfere in the national maintenance of the international human rights of minority groups, such as asylum seekers. He is also interested in the different impacts that new technologies may provoke on the maintenance of Human Rights online, and how enforcing the due diligence rules among private technology companies might secure these rights against gross violations. Lastly, João Victor is also a member of the International Law Association study group on the Cross Border Violations of Children’s Rights. When it comes to his career goals, he plans to pursue a LLM programme on International Human Rights Law in Europe.