Workshop no. 2


Vesna Poposka, Assistant professor of international law, human rights law and diplomacy

Aleksandr Popov, Lecturer in international law

Niloufar Omidi, Researcher in Policy & Human Rights at Lucy Michael Research Training and Consultancy and Lecturer in human rights law

Workshop no. 2 launched with a lecture by Vesna Poposka about sources of international law. The lecture also involved a lively discussion on the situation in Afghanistan and the evolution of customary law on the recognition of governments in case of Taliban’s recognition.

Workshop no. 2 continued with a lecture by Aleksandr Popov about the formation and evidence of customary international law, an important aspect of our global advocacy programme claiming that the right to peace has crystallized into customary international law.

Workshop no. 2 concluded with a lecture by Niloufar Omidi about the right to peace and a lively discussion about its possible implementation and position in contemporary international law and global order.