Shagufta Sen

Weekly News Recap writer (International Peace and Security section)​

Shagufta has been part of the Platform as a news writer since May 2021. She contributes to the International Peace & Security Section of the Weekly News Recap.

Shagufta Sen is doctoral student at the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India. Her doctoral research is based on lethal autonomous weapons and the impact of their development and use on UN Collective Security System. She also holds a Master of Laws degree in Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from National Law University Delhi. Prior to her Master’s degree, she has obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree in the specialisation of Criminal Law from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Punjab.

  • Humanitarian law

  • Use of force

  • Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

  • Peace & Security

  • International Criminal Law

  • International Refugee Law

  • South Asia
  • India
  • Middle East
  • Hindi

  • English