Platform for Peace and Humanity is a non-profit civic association of young professionals who are dedicated to promoting peace and humanity in the world by means of international law. In partnership with other civil society organisations and with our volunteers, we aim to develop and implement projects focused on protecting human rights, facilitating international justice, and fostering peace around the world.

The Platform also provides commentaries and legal perspectives on international justice issues. Recognising the importance of raising awareness about on-going violations of human rights and bringing new insights from young professionals, the Platform works to elevate these perspectives into global discussions to further the cause of international justice. 

We lend a helping hand to everyone, regardless of their race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, religion, social status, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our association also advocates for a full compliance with all the norms of international law which is vital for the safer, more prosperous and just world. Considering the capacity building to be a significant part of the sustainable development, we are trying to incorporate it into our every project. Our main aim is to assist individuals and organisations, who find themselves in situations regulated by norms of international law by providing information on relevant international legislation protecting their rights.

Our goals

Promoting and advocating humanitarian values through international law 

Providing research-driven monitoring, consultancy and specialist expertise on international law, humanitarian and human security matters 

Supporting and equipping emerging scholars and researchers in their interest in law, politics, socioeconomics as well as other related fields

Partners & Memberships