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Ambre Karoutsos

Ambre Karoutsos

Project Coordinator (The Peace and Security Monitor)


Kristian Weber

Senior Researcher, Editor


Webinar: Tunisia-Quo Vadis? The new constitutional reality, its impact and socio-political challenges

The first webinar of the Mediterranean programme at Platform for Peace and Humanity discusses the new constitutional reality in Tunisia after the suspension of the parliament, its impact and socio-political challenges in light of the Ukrainian conflict and broader geopolitical implications arising out of the crisis impacting the North Africa region.
  • Riccardo Fabiani – North Africa Project Director, Crisis Group
  • Sarah Yerkes – Senior Fellow, Carnegie’s Middle East Programme
  • Gordon Gray – Former United States Ambassador to Tunisia from 2009 to 2012, Professor of Practice at Penn State’s School of International Affairs
  • Filip Šandor, Director of the Mediterranean Programme at Platform for Peace and Humanity

We take deep dives into the Mediterranean region, distilling actionable policy recommendations, providing clear analysis to decision makers and supporting the Platform for Peace and Humanity organisational objectives.

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