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24 October2023
Recent Developments in Northern Kosovo and the Implications for the Regional Security and Normalization ProcessMany questions remain unanswered one month after the attack on Kosovo police in northern Kosovo, which resulted in the tragic loss of a police officer and the deaths of three gunmen who participated in the attack. The events in north Kosovo have once again exposed the fragility of peace in the region and underscored the tangible risk of escalation. In the aftermath of the attack, emerging evidence triggered a series of events highlighting a strong link between the armed group responsible for the attack and the Serbian state. Commentators have suggested that the possible objective of the armed group was to foment unrest in northern Kosovo, employing a strategy that has been coined as the “Crimea Playbook” and falls under the qualification of hybrid threats/attacks. Besides condemnation statements and threats of sanctions, the international community has yet to take any measures against Serbia, continuing its appeasement strategy.
This webinar aims to explore the implications of the events that occurred on September 24th within the broader regional security context and the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. Join us for a critical discussion on the consequences of these events for the peace and security in the region and the impact on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. The international community has relied on condemnation statements and threats of sanctions, but is that enough? What active measures can avert further escalation in the Balkans? Is the EU-facilitated dialogue at a crossroads?
■ Xhorxhina Bami, Kosovo Correspondent at Balkan Insight
■ Aidan Hehir, Reader in International Relations at the University of Westminster
■ Abit Hoxha, Assistant Professor at the University of Agder
■ Nevena Radosavljevic, Ph.D. Candidate at the LMU Munich
■ Arber Ahmeti, Project Coordinator, Platform for Peace and Humanity

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13:00 CET (GMT+1) online
13 October2023
Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh: Another War on the Horizon?The hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, accompanied by a humanitarian crisis and massive human rights violations, represent another conflict in the post-Soviet region and pose a severe threat to international security. The complex security situation requires increased public attention to reach a peaceful resolution of the conflict and accountability for human rights violations and international crimes. 
The webinar will contribute to the discussion by analyzing the historical background and root causes of the conflict and assessing the questions of self-determination and sovereignty over the contested land. The panel will also focus on the prospective role of the International Criminal Court in the conflict and avenues for peaceful resolution. 

■ Sheila Paylan – International Human Rights Lawyer and former Legal Adviser to the UN 
■ Dr. Roisin Burke – Assistant Professor of Public International Law, Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, Utrecht University 
■ Yuzuki Nagakoshi – Attorney at Law 
■ Dr. Sarah Babayan – Negotiations Expert, Legal Advisor & Conflict Manager 

■ Eka Khutsishvili – South East Europe and Black Sea Region Programme Director, Platform for Peace and Humanity

📌 Register at: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/6073a95d-8625-44c7-9137-5c2e7bd0fff4@a8dcecbd-04c1-4d2d-90a5-0983a0f388c6
17:00 CET (GMT+1) online