The Peace & Security Monitor

A project mapping the tensions in various regions of the world and analyzing peace processes, conflicts and factors of instability

About the Project

In April 2021, the Platform launched a project focusing on the tensions in various parts of the world. The Peace & Security Monitor is analyzing peace processes, conflicts and factors of instability in various regions of the world. The Peace & Security Monitor gathers data and information from the international organisations, national ministries and other relevant official sources concerning the peace and security problems in the covered regions. It aims to provide a review of how political actors shape the current geopolitical situation, focusing on thematic issues such as peace processes, global trade, energy security or arms trade.

The Peace & Security Monitor is released on a bi-monthly basis. Each issue closely follows the processes and provides an overview of the relevant events and analyzes their consequences.

Series no. 1: Challenges in The Mediterranean region

Issue 1

May 2021

Table of content

  • NATO-Turkey Relations: Missiles, Alliances And Energy Feuds In The Mediterranean
  • Palestinian 2021 Elections: Israel-Palestine Conflict And Regional Geopolitics Threatens To Derail The Elections
  • The UN Initiatives In Regard To The Libyan Peace Processes: Key Successes And Setbacks
  • The Legacy From The Past In Tunisia: It Is Not Just The Economy, But The Police Repression
  • Eastern Mediterranean Rivalry

Issue 2

July 2021

Table of content

  • Population as a Bargaining Tool: Making Sense of Migration Diplomacy in Spanish-Moroccan Relations
  • Israel-Palestine Conflict through Conflict Wheel Tool
  • The Israel-Palestinian Conflict: The EU’s Position and the Impact of the New Prime Minister on the Conflict
  • The EU, Turkey, Libya and Counter-Terrorism: Geopolitical Complications for the Peace Processes
  • Greece and Turkey: Consolidation of Allies amid Verbal Ceasefire