Workshop no. 4


Tamar Tomashvili, Consultant in areas of human rights, international law and justice and Professor of Law at Free University of Tbilisi

Gurgen Petrossian, Senior researcher and head of International Criminal Law Research Group at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg

Victor Tsilonis, International jurist, Greece’s nominee for the 2020 judicial elections of the International Criminal Court and former International Criminal Court Bar Association Vice President for Victims

The workshop started with a lecture by Tamar Tomashvili, providing a detailed overview of jus contra bellum and exceptions to it in contemporary international law.

Workshop no. 4 continued with a lecture by Gurgen Petrossian about the crime of aggression in international criminal law. With our global advocacy programme we want to bring crimes against peace back on track in international criminal law.

Workshop no. 4 concluded with a lecture by one of the patrons of the programme, Victor Tsilonis, about the link between crimes against peace and the right to peace, highlighting the importance of the mission.