Examining the Russian Attack Against Ukraine Through the Lens of International Law

The Russian assault against Ukraine is not only a manifest violation of the prohibition on the use of force, a cornerstone of the international legal order set up in the aftermath of World War II, but also a flagrant crime against peace that facilitates the commission of other international crimes, such as the perpetration of war crimes.

Children’s Protection During Armed Conflict and the Criminal Responsibility of Child Soldiers

The case of child soldiers is a clear example of role reversals, where victims become perpetrators. In many cases, these children start as victims of war crimes and end up becoming offenders of similar crimes to the ones they suffered before.

The Use of Force and Human Rights in Social Protest: A Look at the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

The use of force carried out by law enforcement agencies in the context of protests in Latin America is continuously restricting peaceful demonstrations, criminalizing participants and threatening the fundamental values of democratic states.