Examining the Russian Attack Against Ukraine Through the Lens of International Law

The Russian assault against Ukraine is not only a manifest violation of the prohibition on the use of force, a cornerstone of the international legal order set up in the aftermath of World War II, but also a flagrant crime against peace that facilitates the commission of other international crimes, such as the perpetration of war crimes.

Weekly News Recap (7-13 February 2022)

© Photo by andresAzp via Flickr INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION IRMCT: Acquitted and Released ICTR Accused Transferred Back to Arusha Venezuela: Two Officers Sentenced to 30 Years Over In-Custody Death ICC: Trial Chamber Hears The Opening Statements by the Legal Representative of Victims in Timbuktu Case ECtHR: Interim Measures in the Case of Polish Supreme CourtContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (7-13 February 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (31 January-6 February 2022)

© Photo by United Nations Photo via Flickr INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Bosnia: Veljko Papic’s Forced Labour Conviction Overturned Norway: Anders Breivik’s Parole Request Rejected by the Court ECtHR: Time Limit for Individual Applications Reduced to 4 Months from the Date of the Final Decision Israel: Army Takes Actions Against Officers Responsible for the Death ofContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (31 January-6 February 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (18-24 October 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION PCA: A Hearing Regarding the Detention of Ukrainian Naval Vessels Concluded ICJ: Conclusion of Public Hearing on Provisional Measures in Azerbaijan v. Armenia EC: Annual Report on EU Aspirant Countries’ Progress Towards Membership Criticises Serbia for Non-Compliance with IRMCT ECtHR: Turkey Held Liable for Violation of Freedom of Expression USA: Afghan NationalContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (18-24 October 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (12-18 July 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION USA: Court Found Syria, Iran, and Three Iranian Banks Responsible for Sponsoring Terrorism UK: Lawsuit Brought by 40 000 Nigerians Against Shell Over Oil Spill ECtHR: Turkey’s Emergency Expropriation Proceedings Against Owners of Land Submerged by Water from the Pembelik Hydroelectric Dam Held in Violation ECtHR: Bulgarian Measures on the Forfeiture ofContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (12-18 July 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (28 June-4 July 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION IACHR: Precautionary Measures in Favor of Beneficiaries in Nicaragua ECtHR: Applicants’ Right to Procedural Safeguards Against Arbitrary Interference with Rights under Art. 10 Upheld in Russia ECtHR:  Applicants’ Deprivation of Liberty in Detention Deemed Unlawful in Cyprus ECtHR: Applicants’ Right to a Belief/Spiritual Practice Unlawfully Interfered with in Moldova ECtHR: Applicants’ RightsContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (28 June-4 July 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (21-27 June 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ECtHR: Applicant’s Right to Effective Investigation into Alleged Sexual Abuse Violated in Estonia ECtHR: Applicant’s Right to Private Life Unlawfully and Disproportionately Interfered with in the United Kingdom IACHR: IACtHR Requested to Adopt Provisional Measures to Protect People Seeking to Participate in November Elections in Nicaragua ECtHR: Applicant’s Right to Not beContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (21-27 June 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (10-16 May 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ECtHR: Request for an Advisory Opinion Submitted by the Court of Cassation of Armernia Accepted France: Claim for Agent Orange Damage in Vietnam War Rejected Australia: Ban on India Travel Upheld ECtHR: Denial of Surviving Allowance to Single Mother Deemed Discriminatory and Violative ECtHR: Applicant’s Plea of an Ineffective Investigation into aContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (10-16 May 2021)”