Secessionist voices from Republika Srpska

The internationally brokered Dayton peace agreement that governs Bosnia and Herzegovina is no longer fit for purpose – the country cannot be reconciled until an honest interrogation of its constitution and the institutions therein are radically reformed.

The French Proposal and Identity in North Macedonia: Perspectives from Moderates in Skopje and Ohrid

Ordinary (north) Macedonians are concerned about the revised French proposal’s potential ramifications on their identity.

Geopolitics and Narrative at the UNSC’s 11 May Bosnia and Herzegovina Meeting

The UNSC’s 11 May Bosnia and Herzegovina meeting saw the emergence of three key international positions relating to the international community’s approach towards resolving growing instability in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Russia Negotiations: A Window of Opportunity for a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in Eastern Europe 

Proponents of nuclear weapons disarmament should use the Russian negotiations to further the humanitarian push for arms control, leading to a nuclear weapon free zone in eastern Europe.