Weekly News Recap (31 May-6 June 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION India: Twitter Asked to Comply with New Information Technology Rules ACtHPR: New President and Vice-President Elected ECtHR: LGBT Groups’ Right to Peaceful Assembly Violated in Romania IACHR: Case on Mexico Referred to the IACtHR ECtHR: Applicants’ Appeal for Release from Compulsory Confinement Declared Invalid STL: Commencement of the Ayyash Trial Cancelled DueContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (31 May-6 June 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (10-16 May 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ECtHR: Request for an Advisory Opinion Submitted by the Court of Cassation of Armernia Accepted France: Claim for Agent Orange Damage in Vietnam War Rejected Australia: Ban on India Travel Upheld ECtHR: Denial of Surviving Allowance to Single Mother Deemed Discriminatory and Violative ECtHR: Applicant’s Plea of an Ineffective Investigation into aContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (10-16 May 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (26 Apr-2 May 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ICC: TFV Implements Full Assistance Programme to Victims in CAR ECtHR: Violation of the Freedom of Expression in a Case Concerning Displaying of Flags in Romania IACHR: Precautionary Measures in Favour of Tsotsil Indigenous Families from Twelve Identified Communities in Mexico OHCHR: Call for Compliance with the Nigerian Federal High Court’s DecisionContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (26 Apr-2 May 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (19-25 Apr 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION KSC: Pjetër Shala Pleaded Not Guilty and First Decision on Victims’ Participation in Thaci et al. Case USA: Restoration of Gun Ownership Rights under the Second Amendment to Keep and Bear Arms ECtHR: Notice of a Case Involving Aleksey Navalnyy’s Imprisonment India: Principle of Non-Refoulement Applied to Refugees from Myanmar The Netherlands:Continue reading “Weekly News Recap (19-25 Apr 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (12-18 Apr 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Mexico: 30 Marines Arrested for Suspected Disappearances The Netherlands: The Rotterdam District Court Sentenced Fatima H. for Involvement with the Islamic State USA: Federal Lawsuit Concerning False Arrest Based on Faulty Facial Recognition ECtHR: Journalist’s Right to Liberty and Freedom of Expression Violated in Turkey Colombia: The Special Jurisdiction for Peace BeganContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (12-18 Apr 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (8-14 March 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ICC: Reparations Granted to Victims in the Ntaganda Case USA: Appellate Court Rejected Western Apache Land Protection Injunction Greece: Court Refused to Stop the Prison Transfer of the Head Assassin of the Militant Group November 17 IACHR: Referal of Case on Bolivia to the IACtHR IACHR: Threats to the Life of aContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (8-14 March 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (22–28 Feb 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION IACHR: Precautionary Protection Measures Granted to Kevin Adrián Monzón Mora and His Family Israel: Court Imposes a Gag Order on Journalists ECtHR: A New Application by Ukraine Against Russia IACHR: Referral of Cases on Argentina and Paraguay to IACtHR India: Dehli Court Granted Bail to a Climate Activist Germany: A Former SyrianContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (22–28 Feb 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (21-27 Dec 2020)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION IACHR: Precautionary measures in favour of Niober García Fournier in Cuba ICJ: New mechanism for monitoring the implementation of provisional measures ECtHR: Notification to Poland of another case concerning alleged lack of independence of the Supreme Court ECtHR: Several violations in the case of Selahattin Demirtaş v. Turkey (no. 2) ECtHR: Judgment inContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (21-27 Dec 2020)”

Weekly News Recap (14-20 Dec 2020)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ICC: The Prosecutor issues Report on Preliminary Examination Activities KSC: Indictment confirmed against Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj and their Initial Appearances ECtHR: Dismissal of a public-service employee based on Emergency Legislative Decree following a failed military coup in Turkey ECtHR: The interim measure indicated in the case of Armenia v. AzerbaijanContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (14-20 Dec 2020)”

Weekly News Recap (30 Nov-6 Dec 2020)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ECtHR: 33 European States ordered to respond to youth activists’ climate lawsuit British mercenaries investigated over Sri Lanka war crimes ECtHR: Police failed to protect LGBTI demonstrators from homophobic attacks in the case Berkman v. Russia ECtHR: State-secrets treason trial lacked impartiality in the case Danilov v. Russia ICC’s Trust Fund forContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (30 Nov-6 Dec 2020)”