Luke James

Management Board, Programme Director
(South East Europe and Black Sea region & Central Asia programmes)

Luke joined the Platform’s Mediterranean Programme as a Researcher in September ’21.

In November ’21 he launched the South East Europe and Black Sea Region Programme, later launching the Central Asia Programme in July ’22. He directs and coordinates research, edits the Programme’s bi-monthly Peace and Security Monitor.

Luke has designed bi-monthly training packages for the Platform team, featuring guest speakers. He has represented the Platform at the OSCE Human Trafficking Conference in Vienna and recently presented a topic warning about the International Humanitarian Law risks of engaging in digital environment at DCN Global’s Conference in Bulgaria; War in the Digital Age: A Case Study on the Impact of Digital Technologies on the War in Ukraine.

Luke is a Defence Academy Human Security and NATO CIMIC advisor, currently researching the military contribution to Transitional Justice.

Luke is an international election observer, and is Head of Mission for Danish NGO Silba Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy’s Election Observation Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina in Oct ’22.

He is an Emerging Expert on US DC based Forum on the Arms Trade. He has previously worked for the International Criminal Court, Center for the Study of Democracy, the UNV and the British Red Cross. Luke holds a first class Masters in Public International Law from the University of Amsterdam.

  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Security Analysis
  • Political Narrative Analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Legal Writing
  • Editing
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Operation Planning
  • Elections
  • South East Europe
  • Black Sea Region
  • Central Asia
  • West Africa
  • English