Weekly News Recap (24-30 May 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Sweden: Supreme Court Ruled that Posing with Dead Bodies during an Armed Conflict Constitutes a War Crime CJEU: Legal Action Against European Borders and Coast Guard Agency ECtHR: Applicants’ Right to Freedom of Expression Infringed in the United Kingdom and Sweden ECtHR: Applicant’s Plea Against his Conviction on Grounds of Violation ofContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (24-30 May 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (3-9 May 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION USA: Federal Judge Accused Trump DOJ of Misleading Court and Congress IACHR: Precautionary Measures Granted in Cases from Nicaragua and Venezuela ECtHR: Violation of a Journalist’s Freedom of Expression USA: Police Officer Charged in George Floyd’s Murder Petitioned for New Trial Germany: Constitutional Court Upheld Night Curfews in COVID-19 Fight KSC: TrialContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (3-9 May 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (19-25 Apr 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION KSC: Pjetër Shala Pleaded Not Guilty and First Decision on Victims’ Participation in Thaci et al. Case USA: Restoration of Gun Ownership Rights under the Second Amendment to Keep and Bear Arms ECtHR: Notice of a Case Involving Aleksey Navalnyy’s Imprisonment India: Principle of Non-Refoulement Applied to Refugees from Myanmar The Netherlands:Continue reading “Weekly News Recap (19-25 Apr 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (8–14 Feb 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ICC: Postponement of Yekatom and Ngaïssona Trial ICJ: New President and Vice-President elected Poland: Court Order for Two Prominent Historians to Apologise for their Holocaust Research ACtHPR: The Election of New Judges Germany: Alleged Nazi SS Guard is Charged with the Murder of 3,518 people ECtHR: Several Violations of the Convention inContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (8–14 Feb 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (18–24 Jan 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Russia: Navalny’s Arrest and Call of UN Experts for His Immediate Release ECtHR: Right to Respect for Private Life Violated in X and Y v. Romania ECtHR: Russia to Reform Their Handcuffing Procedure ECtHR: Only a Violation of the Right to a Fair Trial Found in Timofeyev and Postupkin v. Russia ECtHR:Continue reading “Weekly News Recap (18–24 Jan 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (11–17 Jan 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ECtHR: The right to respect private life not violated in Munir Johana v. Denmark and Khan v. Denmark HRC: DRC violated the right to life of Pascal Kabungulu STL: Appeals in the Ayyash et al. case IACHR: Precautionary measures expanded in Venezuela to protect the rights of persons suffering from multiple sclerosisContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (11–17 Jan 2021)”