Weekly News Recap (27 December 2021-2 January 2022)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi’s Walkie Talkie Verdict Postponed Again Niger: Masterminds of 1994 Tutsi Genocide Expelled from the Country IACHR: Precautionary Measures to Glenda Carolina Ayala Mejía and Her Family in Honduras ECtHR: Interim Measures Indicated Concerning the Forced Dissolution of Memorial in Russian Federation Kosovo: Supreme Court Orders Retrial ofContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (27 December 2021-2 January 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (15-21 November 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Kosovo: Court Upheld Imprisonment of Ex-Fighter Netherlands: Extradition Allowed for Trial in Rwanda Nigeria: Report Finds Police Responsible for Abuses Bosnia: Former Serb Soldiers Found Guilty for War Crimes Bangladesh: Bail of Alleged War Crimes Suspect Amzad Hossain Cancelled Israel: Military Court Sentences a Spanish Woman ECtHR: A Finding of Civil LiabilityContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (15-21 November 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (1-7 November 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Serbia: Trial for Kosovo War Massacre Stalled for Two Years ICC: Appeal by Ali Kushayb against the ICC Jurisdiction Rejected Germany: Lawsuit Filed against a Group of Belarusian Security Officials for Crimes Against Humanity ICJ: Measures Related to Azerbaijan’s Appeal over Armenia’s War Crimes are Being Considered ACtHPR: Guinea Bissau Becomes the EightContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (1-7 November 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (25-31 October 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Bosnia: Defence Challenges Involvement of Draskovic in Bosnian Serb Forces’ Attack Germany: Munich Court Jails IS Woman for the Death of a Yazidi Girl in Iraq KSC: Journalist Testifies in the Trial of  KLA War Veterans’ Organisation’s Leaders KSC: Ex-President Hashim Thaci’s Plea for Conditional Release from Pre-trial Detention Rejected Bosnia: BosnianContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (25-31 October 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (4-10 October 2021)

International Justice Section STL: Appeal Hearing In the Case Prosecutor v. Merhi And Oneissi ICC: Confirmation of Charges Hearing in Said Case to be Held on 12 October 2021 Kosovo Court Sentences Former Serb Paramilitary 20 Years for War Crimes in Kosovo CJEU: Advocate General’s Opinion on the Siting of the EMA and ELA USA:Continue reading “Weekly News Recap (4-10 October 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (13-19 September 2021)

INternational Justice Section ICC: Appeals Chamber Confirms The Pre-Trial Chamber’s Decision On The Approach To Admit Victims To Participate In The Proceedings ECtHR: Failure To Protect Domestic Abuse Victim From Cyberviolence In Volodina v. Russia ECtHR: Pre-Trial Detention Of Mayor Of Siirt, Turkey On Account Of His Activities And Statements KSC: First Trial Of SalihContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (13-19 September 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (6-12 September 2021)

International Justice Section France: Lafarge Loses Ruling In Syria Crime Against Humanity Case UNITAD: New Special Adviser Appointed Kosovo: Activists Disrupt War Crimes Court Claiming It Tries to ‘Change History’ EU: Daily Fines For Poland Over Its Controversial Judiciary Reforms Proposed IACHR: Calls For Respect For Judicial Guarantees And Independence In El Salvador France: AccusedContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (6-12 September 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (9-15 August 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Sweden: War Crimes Trial Against Iranian National Commences ICJ: Professor Hilary Charlesworth Nominated For Election As A Judge Nigeria: Shell Agrees To Pay £95 Million Over Oil Spills Sudan: Foreign Minister Announces Sudan Will Hand Over Omar Al-Bashir And Other Officials To The ICC ICC: Venezuela Is “Unwilling” To Investigate Crimes AgainstContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (9-15 August 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (26 July-1 August 2021)

International Justice Section Israel & Palestine: Human Rights Watch Demands ICC Investigation Into Apparent  War Crimes in Gaza Sweden: Authorities Indict an Iranian National for Inflicting War Crimes ECtHR: Applicant’s Right to Freedom of Expression Disproportionately Interfered with in Portugal ECtHR: Applicant’s Right to a Fair Hearing Violated in The Netherlands ECtHR: Applicants’ Right toContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (26 July-1 August 2021)”

Weekly News Recap (12-18 July 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION USA: Court Found Syria, Iran, and Three Iranian Banks Responsible for Sponsoring Terrorism UK: Lawsuit Brought by 40 000 Nigerians Against Shell Over Oil Spill ECtHR: Turkey’s Emergency Expropriation Proceedings Against Owners of Land Submerged by Water from the Pembelik Hydroelectric Dam Held in Violation ECtHR: Bulgarian Measures on the Forfeiture ofContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (12-18 July 2021)”