Weekly News Recap (30 May-5 June 2022)

© Photo by EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid in Flickr INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Ireland: Verdict in the Trial of a Former Irish Soldier for Membership in the Islamic State UAE: Dissidents Imprisoned Under the ‘UAE-94’ Case Remain Behind Bars Even After Completing their Prison Sentences Chad: Authorities Called Upon to Release Civil Society MembersContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (30 May-5 June 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (2-8 May 2022)

© Photo by CIFOR via Flickr INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION USA: Former Police Officer Charged with Murder for Shooting a Boy USA: Move to Overturn Roe v. Wade Could Set Back Years of Progress in Sexual & Reproductive Rights Germany: Former Syrian Secret Police Officer’s Appeal in Torture Case Rejected Haiti: Leader of 400 Mawozo GangContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (2-8 May 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (14-20 February 2022)

© Photo by 7th Army Training Command’s photostream via Flickr INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION ICC: Preliminary Examination of Situation in Bolivia Complete ICC: Trial Against Kenyan Lawyer Paul Gicheru Commences France: Investigation of Plane Crash Incident that Led to the 1994 Rwandan Genocide Officially Closed Netherlands: Abdul Razzaq Rafief on Trial for Alleged War Crimes CommittedContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (14-20 February 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (24-30 January 2022)

© Photo by Axel Fassio/CIFOR via Flickr INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Bosnia: Ex-Police Chief Malko Koroman Acquitted by Bosnian State Court Guatemala: Five Former Paramilitary Soldiers Charged with Crimes Against Humanity for the Rape of Indigenous Women Bosnia: State Court Confirms Indictment of Wartime Unit Commander Germany: Woman on Trial for Committing Alleged Crimes against HumanityContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (24-30 January 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (3-9 January 2022)

©Photo by DFID – UK Department for International Development’s photostream via Flickr INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION Bosnia: Former General of Bosnian Serb Army Charged for Attack on Srebrenica Turkey: Uighur Muslims Accuse Chinese Officials of Committing Genocide and Crimes against Humanity Sweden: Woman Charged for Allowing Son to Fight as a Child Soldier for ISIS UK:Continue reading “Weekly News Recap (3-9 January 2022)”

Weekly News Recap (22-28 November 2021)

INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE SECTION SCC: Hassan Bouba Indicted for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity France: Trial of Driver Accused of Genocide Complicity in Rwanda Commences Sweden: Former Iranian Prison Official Testified in a Landmark Trial USA: First Day of Deliberations in the Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing Ends Kosovo: Witness Changes Testimony in Kosovo Serb Politician’s MurderContinue reading “Weekly News Recap (22-28 November 2021)”